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June 24, 2017
by admin KyD

Eid Mubarak!

The Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake City has accepted the moonsighting evidence of brothers in Miami, Florida. On this basis, tomorrow June 25, 2017 will be the 1st of Shawwal, and thus Eid al Fitr. May Allah accept our fasts and devotions over the course of Ramadan, ameen.

Keep your smile.
Make your families very happy.
Put all your differences aside.
Be your very best.
And don’t forget the poor.
Eid Mubarak!

May 26, 2017
by admin KyD

Ramadan Mubarak!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Due to credibility of reports of moonsighting locally here in Utah, in Florida, and Alabama, the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake has determined that Ramadan begins tonight, May 26, 2017.

Thus the first Taraweeh will be tonight, May, 26. Isha will be at 10:55 pm.

Fasting will begin tomorrow, May 27, 2017.

April 10, 2017
by admin KyD

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Asalamualikum Eid Mubarak Keep your smile. Make your families very happy. Put all your differences aside Be your very best. And don’t forget..

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The announcement of Eid is made after sunset. We will post our announcement at 10pm Mountain time.

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Good will produce amazing

Some people cannot understand why muslims have a place in their hearts for Jerusalem. In particular, to be a perfect Muslim is to love the three..

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parents and children

Parents and children have a special relationship. Ibaraheim (AS) remains a great example on how to be a great parent as well as a great child…

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Less than 10 days of Ramadan are left, do not slow down with the good deeds/actions. It is time to attain and use that extra boosting power…

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March 18, 2017
by Ml. Muhammed Shoayb
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homeless issue is a serious issue

People of faith must always be sensitive to the needs of the less fortunate. As a society, we should not take moving the homeless as a type of musical chair. Rather, places that are found must be conducive enough to help in creating a support system as well as programs that help the less fortunate to get back on their feet, attain jobs while also eliminating poor habits. It is also essential to help the less fortunate become productive and contributing members of society. Continue Reading →

March 18, 2017
by Ml. Muhammed Shoayb

we must be cautious as to who we give out hear to

Humans, regardless of their wealth, health or social position have one fundamental desire: to love and be loved. There is so much more to just loving people and things.
Thus, although we realize that God is Independent, love for God is an essential element related to our spiritual development. To help with our development, this love of God requires us to follow His prophet (pbuh), no different from that which was expected of the Jews and Christians. For Muslims, loving God requires an individual to also follow Mohammad (pbuh), loving His daughters and His other family members while also loving and learning from the examples of all the prophets of God in a loving manner.
Being honest, caring, sincere, generous, firm on matters of integrity while trying to be the best human are aspects of showing our love to God and His messengers. It may be a challenge, however using creativity in fulfilling this challenge reaps awesome rewards. So, let’s love and love as God wants us to love. This can be also our amazing gift to humanity.
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March 8, 2017
by Ml. Muhammed Shoayb

harm of drinking is greater than its benifit (Quran)

Utah is attempting to drop the alcohol blood rate level from .08 to point .05 to award drinkers a stricter punishment. Those against this bill argue that this bill will not create much of an impact, better yet, they assume that saving even a few extra lives does not appear to warrant such a change in law. Those against this bill are also not backed by morality as much as they appear to be backed by greater financial outcomes for prison owners and other interest groups. As people of faith, we should be sensitive, especially when it comes to drinking and driving and in the representation of human life. Continue Reading →

March 6, 2017
by Ml. Muhammed Shoayb

Connecting the heart with the sacred

As people of faith, we agree to seek guidance from the Almighty in helping us stay focused on our goals and priorities. One way to keep focus is have less on our plates while moving towards our fullest potential while seeking greater and better outcomes. To create this focus is a challenge, because everyone is competing for our attention: be it children, spouses, social media and various advertisers, or just people in general. With maturity comes a point in which people start asking, am I living for myself, or am I living for others? Humans are filled with potential, and this is the last question that should be on our mind.
One way to keep on track and be the most productive human is to focus on our alliances. What are they and why am I with them? You will notice, most alliances/friendships do not take us towards a higher level of accomplishment. And if they do, it is generally one-sided. Most that we meet are just weighing us down. It is like we are winning in a rat race. A rat that wins, regardless of its talent, remains a rat! As humans, we have so much more we can offer humanity.
The Almighty states: By your Creator, they do not really believe unless they make you (the Prophet) a judge in all their disagreements/disputes/affairs. And then find no hesitation in their hearts in accepting your judgment, and submit with full submission.
This is a powerful phrase to keep a person on faith and keep a person encouraged and focused towards better and more productive outcomes. The next time you are asked to cheat on an exam, fudge the numbers on your taxes, scam the insurance, side with a spouse on a wrong, etc. merely ask: what does my Judge (Creator) expect of me? 2nd: when I do good, does my heart have a resistance towards it? One will notice, sometimes the good we do, we do not do it out of sincerity which later affects the outcome. Other times, good deeds are done with resentment or done as if it is a punishment or just to impress upon those around us. This in terms of the above Ayah (phrase) implies resistance, and this takes away the pleasure of the Almighty.
To be the best: Make your decision in line of your faith based values. Accepting it as a gift from the most Supreme will create peace and love and harmony for you and all those around you. This in turn will give you happiness and contentment. This helps us to move from a state of just living to having a life!
(The above was from our after fajr talk 3/06/17)

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